Stop Caring About Your Nonesense Reputation and Start Sharing

2 min readMay 18, 2022

Today I got 50K followers on Instagram. Here are some key points from my journey.

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I’m so grateful. I’m so peaceful.

Not for the numbers.

For the people who give their valuable time on my work!

Thank you so much!

What is my formula or secret?

There is not only one key for all doors.

Except for some key points…

I know what I want in my life.

Not an expensive car, a yacht or traveling to luxury hotels.

I want a peaceful, happy, healthy life spent with my friends and family.

I am in love with my creative mind.

Creating and sharing values for changing people’s lives for the better.
That’s the key in my mind when I wake up in the mornings.

The harder part is doing it every day.

You need to accept that there is no shortcut to big achievements.

Value creation takes time and love.

Don’t do it, If you don’t like it.

It pays back a lot!

Sharing a post or a work on social media pays back as:

  1. Money, (From 0 to $12k in 2 years)
  2. Motivation, (From introvert to extrovert)
  3. Fame, (Job is finding me, I’m not searching for it)
  4. Learning experience.

Nothing better than a “Thank you” message

Stop waiting for your best work to share with people. Make the people your first choice, not yourself. There is no best work. There is progress.

“Make measurable progress in reasonable time.” -Jim Rohn

Share a small value for a “thank you” message every day.

Don’t aim big at the start. Even one thankful message will be enough for making your day better.

I’m serious, start today.

I’m celebrating the 50K milestone with giving people %75 discount for all my products on gumroad:

Discount Code: mars50k

Thank you for your valuable time!


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