How to Start Designing a Small Website? (The Unusual Way)

2 min readSep 26, 2022

Creating a website from the scratch is not an easy task. I started designing websites back in 2009 (13 years past so fast, damn!).

One of my family friends has a construction business, we heard that they are looking for a web designer. Then they called me, we arranged a meeting.

It was one of my first website jobs. I didn’t know much, never created a website for money at that time. But, I wanted to earn some bucks, it was exciting.

I asked what they are looking for and tried to understand what products they want to promote on the website. And asked $125 for a complete website. (It’s not just design, a complete website haha)

I went back home and thought about what steps I needed to follow to create a website from scratch. Even today, I follow similar steps because they work well!

I explained how to start and complete a website creation shortly for you: (It’s not like you are expecting.)

  1. Try to understand (client needs, users)
  2. Take your time to plan the process
  3. Imagine the end product
  4. Research similar websites
  5. Save your findings to a Figma project (websites, images, texts, gifs, layout examples)
  6. Take a break for thinking (If you finish the project in your mind, it will be like a child’s game later)
  7. Sit on the computer only when you know…