From 20 Likes to 15.000 Likes, From 0 to $12k/yr

3 min readSep 15, 2022

I know getting started is hard, but not impossible.

Me in 2021

From Broken to 6 Figure Salaries

I’m serious; 5 years ago, nobody even knew my name. I was there! No money, some small debts were bothering me every day. I was able to afford 0.10 cent chocolate to make my day better.

My last salary was $144k/year. I’ve left that job to write books and do my own business. Now I’m helping millions of designers on the internet.

How did My Success start?

Nobody. Except myself. One day I realized that I would live a boring life If I didn’t do something good. So, I decided to be successful, no matter what, no matter what! Something can change my life and others.

I started reading books like a monster. I was waking up to read and learn. I had no money, so I downloaded paid books on free websites (most of them contain many viruses, lol). But it worked!

I was taking notes of whatever good I learned that day. Then I see people sharing UX UI Design posts on Instagram. I texted some famous designers and told them, “I want to share posts too.”

Whoever I texted, they all replied, and they were so lovely. They gave me the inspiration to start. So, I looked at my notes from…