From 20 Likes to 15.000 Likes, From 0 to $12k/yr

3 min readSep 15, 2022

I know getting started is hard, but not impossible.

Me in 2021

From Broken to 6 Figure Salaries

I’m serious; 5 years ago, nobody even knew my name. I was there! No money, some small debts were bothering me every day. I was able to afford 0.10 cent chocolate to make my day better.

My last salary was $144k/year. I’ve left that job to write books and do my own business. Now I’m helping millions of designers on the internet.

How did My Success start?

Nobody. Except myself. One day I realized that I would live a boring life If I didn’t do something good. So, I decided to be successful, no matter what, no matter what! Something can change my life and others.

I started reading books like a monster. I was waking up to read and learn. I had no money, so I downloaded paid books on free websites (most of them contain many viruses, lol). But it worked!

I was taking notes of whatever good I learned that day. Then I see people sharing UX UI Design posts on Instagram. I texted some famous designers and told them, “I want to share posts too.”

Whoever I texted, they all replied, and they were so lovely. They gave me the inspiration to start. So, I looked at my notes from design books. I sketched on paper and created my first Instagram post.

It was this post: (still staying at the bottom of my profile)

The post is still alive in this link

From 20 Likes to 15.000 Likes

At the beginning of my journey, even “1 like” was enough to make me happy. I was waiting for someone to comment and connect with me all day. It was a super exciting day. I was doing something much better than before.

I got a freelance job offer after 40–50 days. I shared my first post. I earned $500. Then next month, another job and another $500.

Then I applied for a full-time job in Istanbul. My head was spinning, I had hard, crazy days, but I would do it again If I needed to! I moved to another city and left my…